Remote Access Reconnaissance

RECON’s fast-paced remote route reconnaissance techniques are ideal for clients looking for the best answer for traversing Alaska’s terrain and challenging conditions. Most efforts involve a combination of well-prepared, efficient aerial reconnaissance and light, mobile ground reconnaissance.

Project Feasibility Studies

Once initial reconnaissance work is complete, RECON can provide preliminary facility or route design consulting services during feasibility studies and permitting efforts.

Infrastructure Engineering

From glacial terrain to sand dunes to permafrost, RECON has designed infrastructure to withstand the challenging conditions that Alaska’s resource and infrastructure developers face.

Geotechnical Investigation

RECON has been conducting geotechnical investigations for nearly 30 years in a variety of terrain conditions. Our team can identify, operate, and staff the right equipment for fast-paced, mobile projects, or for intensive, long-term efforts.

Site Development and Design

RECON has extensive experience in site development and design from years of handling the full process; from the initial site selection to final construction.

Construction Management

During site or road construction, RECON can oversee work teams, monitor progress, and organize day-to-day operations with construction management services.

Winter and Ice Roads

RECON provides consulting and design for the location and construction of winter and ice roads.

Geohazard Assessment

With an abundance of experience working in areas prone to landslides, snowdrift, fire, avalanche, thermal degradation, and other natural and geological hazards, RECON can offer recommendations for construction and maintenance programs to withstand the elements.


Remote Engineering Support

Our experienced surveyors support all phases of RECON’s engineering projects. Support has included: route reconnaissance, topographic acquisition, boundary surveying, as-builts, as-staked, quantities, and construction staking of all types.  Field surveyors utilize the latest GPS, TPS, and multi-station scanning units to provide high-quality products that facilitate clear and defined decision-making by the end user.

Large-Scale GPS Control Networks

RECON strives for excellence when planning and implementing large-scale GPS control networks.  The largest network to date spans 3,500 kilometers along the western coast of Alaska.  It was a part of a multi-company collaborative team effort.  This GPS control is currently being used in support of aerial mapping projects and datum analysis along the coast.  RECON surveyors use the latest GNSS GPS units and software for repeatedly accurate data acquisition and processing.

Resource Development Services

Surveyors are often at the forefront of development.  While the RECON survey team is certainly technically savvy, one of the most important aspects of the survey profession is boundary and ownership related.  RECON surveyors work with title companies, engineers, state agencies, native corporations, landsmen, and lawyers in order to find the best route and site location.

Once on-site and on target, RECON provides everything from initial design surface surveys and preliminary route staking to final roads, pads and conductor staking.

Geographic Information Systems


RECON’s GIS department specializes in creating professional visuals, whether it be quick mock-ups for data comparison, presentation maps for board meeting decision-making, project representations for permit applications, online web applications for partner collaborations, or field maps for contractors. Whatever your needs, RECON will work closely with your company to create the best product in a timely manner.

Data Management

RECON can support your company’s data management by providing quality GIS deliverables, or oversee the compilation and appropriate distribution of geospatial data to support the work of all project consultants.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Aerial Photography

The high resolution aerial photos captured with an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) are an economic choice to clearly document the progression of a project.  Periodic flights showcase work completed and allow for monitoring and adjustments of potential impacts, saving the client time and money. RECON operates an efficient fleet of DJI Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and has access to a variety of software platforms to best suit the project and client’s needs. All of RECON’s UAV pilots have engineering and/or surveying backgrounds and bring an eye for the technical requirements necessary for site inspections and remote field reconnaissance. The RECON team includes three pilots certified with UAS Part 107 commercial licenses, who are available to mobilize from both Fairbanks and Palmer offices.


In addition to high resolution photography, RECON can provide products created from orthorectified images. The accuracy of this imagery is controlled and ground-truthed by RECON’s survey team, who then produce precise elevation point clouds.  These points can be used to create DSM or DEM surfaces; ideal for wetlands mapping, project planning, and CAD design.

3-D model surfaces created this way are far more detailed and efficient than traditional topographic surveys.  The level of efficiency and detail provide the client with a better product in a shorter amount of time.

Remote Logistics Management

Field Program Management & Logistics

RECON’s statewide experience can be leveraged to provide planning, management, and overall logistics support for a variety of remote projects.   Our logistics specialists have experience with supporting projects ranging from wide ranging scientific and environmental studies, to camps and drill programs.  We establish field schedules, arrange transportation and lodging in the field, coordinate fuel supply and medical services and provide on-site support as required for remote Alaska field work.